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Did you know that most headaches are actually caused by stress?

Many people are affected by stress-related tension headaches every year.

Are you one of them?

If you suffer or know anybody that suffers from headaches, here are Three ways to relieve headache naturally without putting unnecessary strain on your liver with painkillers, which can be toxic.

I. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils provide pain relief, increase blood circulation and reduce stress. They have been first used in ancient Egypt as ealry as 4500 BC and due to it’s effectiveness and potncy are used now worldwide. 

The Greek physician Hypocrites, the “Father of Medicine,” is known for saying “Above all the purpose of a doctor is to awaken the natural healing energies within the body.”

This wisdom has influenced modern Western medicine in the form of the “Hippocratic Oath’ which is taken by all doctors even today.

In fact, Hypocrites documented the healthy effects of some 300 plants and their extracts in his time.

For example, Peppermint oil aides in improving blood circulation, reducing pain and relieving tension. Lavender oil reduces muscle tension, helps with sleep, relives stress and improves mood.

Eucalyptus oil is good for sinus headaches, as it opens nasal airways and eliminates sinus pressure while promoting emotional balance.

Rosemary oil reduces stress and aids in digestion. According to Chinese medicine frontal headaches are caused by poor digestion.  Thereby, supporting the digestive system will help to resolve your headache.  

So if you haven’t used aromatherapy yet to treat your headaches, you may want to give them a try!

II. Try Meditation

As mentioned above, headaches are often caused by stress. Meditation helps your body to relax and release that tension naturally. A 10-minute daily meditation does wonders for your body.

Buddhist Monks’ secret to healthy and harmonious life is mediation. Studies show that mediation not only reduces stress but it also decreases pain intensity by as much as 40%.

This is because mediation changes the way the brain perceives pain and helps the body to heal.

The great Buddha himself attained enlightenment via meditations and passed on this practice of mental training in Buddhist scriptures. Today meditation can be learned anywhere from yoga studios to online videos.

III. Get Acupuncture

Acupuncture has also been around for thousands of years, it has it’s origins in ancient Chinese. Today, mainstream experts such as Dr. Oz and Oprah support and recommend this ancient medicine.

Acupuncture treatment relives pain naturally.  It stimulates the body’s nervous system and the part of the brain which is responsible for releasing your body’s natural painkiller chemicals.

Second, it releases muscle tension in the neck and head by activating blood flow to the effected area. By bringing a new oxygenated blood full of nutrients, and flushing out the toxins the muscle relaxes automatically.

Third, acupuncture is relaxing and calming to the central and autonomic nervous system. Thereby it addresses root of the problem by rebooting the body and regulating the body’s stress response.

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Lidia Domagalska, LAc

Lidia Domagalska is a Graduate of Pacific Collage of Oriental Medicine, licensed Acupuncturist and an Herbalist. Through her extensive travels and studies she has created a unique practice based in San Diego, California. Focusing on alternative medicine, she is devoted to providing preventive, non-invasive, and affordable health care. With her undergraduate degree in Biology and Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine she is passionate about integrative medicine, combining Western and Eastern medicine to optimize the patients’ health. For more information and to find out how you can improve your health and well- being with acupuncture visit www.qiacupuncturesd.com

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