“This was my first time with acupuncture. I was terrified of needles my whole life. But I found myself with chronic pain suffering a rollover accident. Boy am I glad I tried this. Lidia is very professional and listens to my areas of pain. She addresses them all and I have been feeling better than ever. I’ve been seeing her for 9 weeks now. I am no longer scared of needles and actually look forward to them. Because I know the relief you can get with Lidia at Qi Acupuncture. She helped my pain and also helped with my anxiety, depression and stress following this accident. I highly recommend Lidia from Qi Acupuncture. I’m a believer.”  – Cristina E.

“When I had a stomach bug, I was completely depleted. Lidia worked wonders with acupuncture and gave me the restoration my body needed!”

Puja S.

“This was my first time with any kind of acupuncture and I have to say I couldn’t be happier. I’m in good shape and perfect health, but just hate needles. One time, donating blood, a teenage girl next to me squirmed a hundred times less than I did. Embarrassing! But since I’m somewhat hyper, and this supposedly had a relaxation effect, I thought I’d give it a try. And am I glad I did! Lidia’s expert touch also has some sort of natural relaxation effect. The combination of the two was amazing. And to top it off she also did a ‘cupping’ and a simple but amazing hand massage. It’s 5-stars and 2 thumbs up for Lidia of Qi Acupuncture! Thank you again, Lidia!”

Joseph G

“I had some fear about needles before going here and working with Lidia. I quickly learned that the whole process is painless and relaxing in the moment. Not only that, the effects unlike other treatments last a very long time! The location is great and comfortable. Highly recommend going to Qi Acupuncture — 5 Stars!”

Brian L.

“Excellent experience! I’ve been getting acupuncture for over 6 years & Qi Acupuncture was by far the best experience. The right questions were asked that I didn’t know Acupunture could help me with, & I got my energy levels back up. I highly recommend it!!!”

Anita Y.

“Great service! I had no knowledge on acupuncture just that I’m bad at relaxing. She helped me relax and made it a positive experience that I now enjoy acupuncture. Thank you Lidia!”

Clint G.

“Hello, my name is Monica and I have been a patient of Lidia’s for about 1 year.  She treats me for stress, anxiety and migraines with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy.  I have suffered with migraines my entire adult life.

I see Lidia twice a month, and the therapies have definitely helped to reduce my symptoms and pain.  Lidia is wonderful and kind, she works very hard to ensure that she helps relieve the pain.  I would highly recommend her to everyone.”

Monica S

“My name is Norma and I began seeing Lidia for Accupunture and Cupping Therapy after I got a paralysis in my face called Bells Palsey.  I was going through a very difficult time in my life, my mother was dying.

I was under an enormous amount of stress and depression.  I lost all movement in the right side of my face.  I have had therapy Accupunture & Cupping Therapy with Lidia 2 times a week for about 6 weeks. I have now recovered completely and have full movement on my face.

Lidia is and incredible caring and empathetic person, I am so grateful to her and would highly recommend her to everyone.”

Norma R