Facial Rejuvenation Cupping Therapy

The new Eastern Facelift (a natural alternative to expensive and toxic botox)

It is an ancient technique that stimulates connective tissue, lifts and plumps the skin and it even helps to smooth out wrinkles.

Cupping also tightens and firms the skin helping with sagging skin, and it tones facial muscles — resulting in a natural facelift.

Facial Cupping and acupuncture work by stimulating the dermis level. It’s a form of massage that de-puffs the face by facilitating lymphatic drainage.

It also improves microcirculation, which brings fresh oxygenated blood full of nutrients to the dermal layers of face and neck.

This combination of therapies results in clearing congestion, stimulating cellular renewal, collagen production, cellular regeneration, tissue repair and overall gives you a healthy natural glow!

Facial Cupping therapy technique helps to stimulate collagen production and cellular renewal. Thereby, lifts, plumps the skin, reduces wrinkles, tightens/tones neck and face.

30 min $80 – Package of 10 sessions $720

Acupuncture with Facial Cupping therapy is a non-surgical procedure that reduces signs of aging. It can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, facial sagging, and discoloration. The results are a vibrant, tighter, lifted, & smoother face.

One hour $120 – 10 treatments $1,080

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